University of Iowa bows to legal pressure, lets religious groups require their leaders to be religious

"The agreement between the University of Iowa and InterVarsity will temporarily reinstate all deregistered religious groups until the end of pending litigation with the university." - W. Examiner

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Christian group kicked off campus for requiring its leaders to be Christian

"The University of Iowa told InterVarsity Christian Fellowship they weren’t allowed to hold their meetings on campus because they require their members to hold to specific faith standards and kicked them out — in response, InterVarsity sued." - W.Examiner

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InterVarsity Denies It Will Fire Employees Who Support Gay Marriage

"'That is not the case. In fact, InterVarsity doesn't have a policy regarding employee views on civil marriage,' stated InterVarsity on Thursday evening. 'We do continue to hold to an orthodox view of human sexuality and Christian marriage, as you can read in our Theology of Human Sexuality Document.'"

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"InterVarsity... lost campus access in America's largest university system because it requires student leaders to affirm Christian doctrines."