Is Anglicanism a distinctive middle way or via media between Protestantism and Roman Catholicism?

"the conception of the Church of England as a half-way house between Rome and John Calvin’s Geneva (or Martin Luther’s Wittenberg) would have been incomprehensible to the English Reformers of the sixteenth century." - Ref21

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“...when the Jesuit Order was founded and then employed to stop the Protestant movement, it was the doctrine of the Assurance of Salvation that was their primary target.”

"The uniform teaching of Scripture is that ordinary Christians, should be able to make their 'call and election sure,' (2 Pet. 1:10), and that not by some 'extraordinary revelation,' such as Rome taught, but merely by looking for the unmistakable and certain evidences of the work of the Spirit in their lives." - Ref21

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Enough About Us Already: Our American Protestant Obsession with Being Loved by the World "Either the church is a witness to the Triune God, revealed consummately in the incarnate Son, clothed in his gospel; or it has no right to exist, whatever its impact, usefulness or relevance on other points."

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"Abortion is a blessing and our work is not done."

Rod Dreher notes the appointment of Katherine Ragsdale as dean of the Episcopal Divinity School:
“This woman is evil. She is an evil person who preaches evil, and is a conscious agent of the culture of death. She is the enemy. We are, of course, to love our enemies, but that doesn’t make her any less the enemy.”

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