The Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter-day Saints

This is the name of the religious organization headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah. I like the title by itself because of the interplay of emphasis in the nine words. But here is the big question—how Christ-centered is the Mormon religion? To be fair, how Christ-centered is American Evangelicalism?

Recently, an LDS gentleman named Dave wrote a brief blog entry on “Evangelical Cults of Personality” that I discovered on the “bloggernacle” world of Mormon Archipelago. His thoughts resonated my frustration over the focus in mega-church Evangelicalism; therefore, his short article became the genesis for my serious contemplation these last few weeks. What is my daily focus? What is it that I really like to talk about the most? Is it my ambitions, interests, and ministry, or is it the Lord Jesus Christ?

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Defining the Word – A Critical Book Review

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Last year, Mike Sproul published these words, “Reading an original KJV 1611 is nearly impossible for a twenty-first century American. Reading Wycliffe or Tyndale is nearly impossible. Thomas Nelson has now published a book [King James Word Book (Nashville, TN: Thomas Nelson, 1994) by Ronad Bridges and Luther A. Weigle] that lists hundreds of archaic words and phrases in the OKJV. This book will surprise readers with the numerous phrases in the OKJV that they thought they understood, but really did not. For example, I have been reared to listen to the KJV, memorize the KJV, preach from the KJV, and earned a B.A., M. Div., and D. Min., in schools that only use the KJV; yet I did not know the meaning of certain words in my translation. If I did not know these idiomatic expressions of archaic words, how could the modern ‘ploughboy’ know them?”1

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