Mormons get two new apostles who are not white Americans, in historic LDS General Conference

"Mormons made history at their 188th General Conference with their announcement of replacements for two recently deceased members of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. One is a Brazilian.... The other is Gerrit W. Gong... the first apostle of Asian descent." RNS

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Review: Leaving Mormonism

Image of Leaving Mormonism: Why Four Scholars Changed their Minds
Kregel Publications 2017
Paperback 320

I was sent this book (and another that I must review soon) before Christmas and the publisher, quite understandably wishes me to review it. I am very happy to do so, since this is a fine resource

This book is a great idea. Four former Mormons with academic credentials and a passion for the truth write about why they left Mormonism and add a critique of it from their own perspectives. Each writer communicates clearly. None is mean spirited in their criticism of their former belief, though all are keen to inform readers not only of the errors of the Latter-Day Saints — errors which lead to a particular worldview — but also of the chameleonic nature of Mormon teaching as it seeks to adapt to criticism and exposure.

Corey Miller’s chapter, “In Search of the Good Life” asks whether experiencing the good is objectively possible under Mormon teaching. His answer begins with his personal testimony of being a Mormon with descendants reaching all the way back to acquaintances of Joseph Smith himself. His essay deals with the nature of Mormon testimony and the difficulty of achieving “salvation.” Miller is a philosopher and has provided excellent notes to go with his essay, even briefly outlining Alvin Plantinga’s response to de jure objections to Christian faith in his Warranted Christian Belief (70 n.41).

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