Survey: Mormon support for same-sex marriage has doubled in the last decade, survey shows

"The Public Religion Research Institute last week released the latest findings in its ongoing project of assessing Americans’ feelings about LGBTQ issues.... (Mormons) are still more conservative than the nation, but show a broadening of LGBTQ support compared with past surveys." - RNS

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Former Mormon missionary finds Jesus after attempting to convert Baptist pastor

"Wilder viewed Christians as a specific challenge, he said, because growing up, he was taught that evangelicals practiced a 'cheap faith;' that they believed their lives didn't necessarily need to reflect the faith they claimed to profess." - C.Post

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Are Mormons Christians?: A Review of “The Saints of Zion: An Introduction to Mormon Theology”

"This is not your average primer on Mormonism. It also isn’t what you might normally think of as an apologetic work against Mormonism. Instead, it seeks to lay out the theological perspective of the Mormon church in a systematic way. While Kerns makes comments throughout, they are limited and seek only to point out the differences between orthodox Christian faith and Mormonism." - Tim Miller

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