Are Mormons Christians?: A Review of “The Saints of Zion: An Introduction to Mormon Theology”

"This is not your average primer on Mormonism. It also isn’t what you might normally think of as an apologetic work against Mormonism. Instead, it seeks to lay out the theological perspective of the Mormon church in a systematic way. While Kerns makes comments throughout, they are limited and seek only to point out the differences between orthodox Christian faith and Mormonism." - Tim Miller

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If you were curious: Mormonism has really annoyed some left-handed people

"... a talk that President Dallin Oaks gave in Chicago to a group of youth. In his remarks, he said he felt prompted to teach them something of great importance: 'I had an impression from the Spirit of the Lord to teach something to each of you.... And today, I saw quite a few of the deacons take the sacrament with their left hand. Don’t do that, because you set the wrong example for the congregation if you do that.'" - RNS 

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How persuasive is whistleblower's claim the LDS church is hiding wealth from the IRS?

Monday,  "a 'whistleblower' who used to help manage the church’s investment portfolio released a series of documents alleging that the church has mismanaged more than $100 billion of charitable donations, including by channeling a portion of that money into for-profit investments on which it has failed to pay taxes." - RNS

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