Bob Jones University: Epicenter of Fundamentalism's Future?

"a controversy over the future of both Bob Jones University and fundamentalism is raging. That fight centers on the presidency of Steve Pettit. Will he stay or will he go? Part of the fight centers on this basic question: what, exactly, is fundamentalism?" - Joshua Valdez

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“A Bold, New Fundamentalism”

I toyed with entitling this article “SharperIron Wins” or “The Interview Steve Pettit Wishes He Could Give” (for my BJU friends). Instead, I chose the title above.

Almost 20 years ago, the SharperIron forum was created. It quickly became the leading outlet for concerns that young fundamentalists had about their movement. SI was a place where YFs could question everything they believed in – except for the fundamental doctrines of the Faith.

Today, blogs have evolved into podcasts. One podcast which possesses the same DNA as SI is the Recovering Fundamentalist Podcast with J. C. Groves, Nathan Cravatt, and Brian Edwards ( They discuss topics that SI has wrestled with since its inception.

This is not an article on the RFP. Instead, it is about an interview the RFP did in March with Baptist Bible College President Mark Milioni. How did the RFP connect with the President of the flagship school of the Baptist Bible Fellowship?

Milioni follows the RFP. When the RFP Fam (as they call themselves) scheduled a Meetup in Bourbon, MO, Milioni attended. After the meeting, Groves was invited to speak at BBC, and Milioni was invited to appear on the podcast.

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A Blast from the Fundamentalist Past!