Polish psychic, polarizing televangelist: 7 people who predicted a Trump victory in 2020

"Here are seven individuals, some of whom have high public profiles, who predicted that Donald Trump would win reelection. They include a Polish psychic, a controversial televangelist, and a self-described prophet." - CPost

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The Poverty of the Prosperity Gospel

"I personally have been ushered out the back door at healing services, after being publicly chastised. Many other disabled people have experienced similar treatment under the assumption that if you’re not healed, it’s your fault. 'Because God’s will is for everyone to be healed. Always. The faithful will never suffer.'" - C.Leaders

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Bethel's Kris Vallotton says his apology for election prediction was premature, will wait

"Bethel Church Senior Associate Leader Kris Vallotton is backtracking his apology for prophesying that President Donald Trump would win reelection, now saying that he will wait until the final results are tabulated." - C.Post

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Francis Chan says he healed deaf boy, girl in rural Myanmar village

During a sermon delivered at Moody Bible Institute’s Founders Week Conference: “I’m going, ‘God, please, please heal,’” he recalled. “People started coming forward for healing....Every person I touched was healed," Chan declared as the audience applauded. - Christian Post

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Kingdom Through Culture: The New Apostolic Reformation and its Cultural Appeal, Part 4

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Seven Implications for Consideration (Continued)

6. Some Positive Aspects of the NAR—The theology of the NAR is in some cases significantly different from what is represented by the plain sense of Scripture, and that must be dealt with and addressed. At the same time, there is value in addressing the negatives while learning from the positives—three of which are identified by this writer: (1) The NAR expends great effort and resource to maintain consistency between theology, praxis, and liturgy. (2) The NAR is attempting to be comprehensive in efforts to positively impact the culture. (3) The NAR demonstrates commitment to excellence in the “product,” showing some cultural leadership rather than simply mimicking tools employed by secular influencers.

Perhaps we can challenge NAR advocates in core epistemological foundations, hermeneutic and exegetical method, and certain theological conclusions all while appreciating that they are demonstrating some methodology in reaching the present generation.

7. The Tenor of the Discussion—The differences and distinctions should not be ignored, particularly where there is divergence from the Scriptures. Also we should keep the end goal in mind. Michael Brown (considered by some to be part of the NAR, though denying it himself) suggests five ways to handle the discussion constructively. Though we might disagree on some aspects, the concerns and recommendations he raises are thoughtworthy:

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