Human Nature

We desperately need the fearful and fascinating

"When God is rejected or considered irrelevant there is nothing the heart of man won’t use to try and fill that sense of emptiness. This doesn’t have to be in ways as sensational as mansions or sex or hedge funds; think of the deification of the environment or 'science,' or the endless advertising for the latest gadget or the perfect diet, or..." - Acton

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Defining ‘Woman’ Starts with Humanity, Not Femaleness

"Conservatives quickly memed Jackson, portraying her refusal to answer the question as clear indication of progressive nonsense. After all, anyone should be able to define what a woman is. The only problem with this, of course, is that we’ve struggled to define what a woman is for thousands of years." - Hannah Anderson

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MIT study shows lies spread faster and further than truth on social media

"Wendland observes that the conversations spread through Twitter are most times cut off from the context that allows participants to verify the claims, but no one cares; its connection and movement through the 'tribe' gives it communal authority." - C.Post

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