Homeschooling: Why We Did It, Why We Stopped

If you’re a parent wrestling with the pros and cons of educational options for your children, my wife and I can sympathize. A few weeks ago we officially enrolled in a local Christian school (a classical academy). It will be the first year our children have attended school outside of our home.

So why have we quit? Why did we choose homeschooling in the first place? Perhaps the answers to these questions will be helpful to some parents who are trying to sort out what they ought to do.

Why we homeschooled

Four reasons come to mind when I look back on why we chose homeschooling.

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"The officials insisted that homeschooling was an inappropriate way to raise a child."

“Attorneys with the Alliance Defense Fund and the Home School Legal Defense Association have filed an application with the European Court of Human Rights to request it to hear the case involving Dominic Johansson.” Case Filed Against Sweden Over Seized Homeschooled Child

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