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PCUSA’s only seminary in Western US to become part of nonsectarian Calif. University

"San Francisco Theological Seminary of California, founded in 1871 and the lone PC(USA) seminary located west of Iowa, recently entered an agreement with the University of Redlands that will make it into a new Graduate School of Theology." - Christian Post

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Evangelical university blocks lecture by pro-life activist Star Parker

"The University of Northwestern – St. Paul informed its chapter of Young America’s Foundation, a conservative student group, last month that it could not hold an open event featuring the 62-year-old conservative activist." - Christian Post

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Federal judge orders university to reinstate Christian group booted for not allowing gay leaders

"A permanent injunction was extended to the Business Leaders in Christ, barring the University of Iowa from not officially recognizing the group. The university also owes the group $1 million in nominal damages." - Washington Examiner

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When Christians Are Too Afraid to Hear Ben Shapiro Speak

"The school’s statement . . .  claims that 'our decision to cancel Shapiro’s speaking engagement is not a reflection of his ideologies or the values he represents, but rather a desire to focus on opportunities that bring people together.' But de-platforming is inherently divisive. It’s an explicit rebuke and rejection of the (many) people who wanted to hear Shapiro speak.” - National Review

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Cultural Accommodation, the Growing Danger for Christian Education

"Faced with shrinking enrollment and finances, Christian colleges face the stark reality of deciding how much they are willing to change in order to continue their ministries. The fundamental question is “Where is the line which we cannot cross in order to stay open?” - Proclaim & Defend

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Online Vs. in-Person Education: Theological Training Is Supposed to Be Hard

"In my previous post considering Dan Wallace’s recent article discussing online vs. in-person education I concluded that, especially regarding theological teaching, in-person education is superior to distance education—all other things being equal. But rarely if ever in life are all other things equal." - DBTS Blog

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Talk: The State of the Evangelical Mind on Christian College Campuses