Francis Schaeffer

He’s Still There and Still Not Silent—Revisiting Francis Schaeffer’s Classic

"Published in 1972 during the 'counterculture'—when everything seemed up for grabs in religion, philosophy, politics, and society—Schaeffer 'understood the times' and knew what Christians needed to do" - Douglas Groothius

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Book Review - Shaeffer on the Christian Life

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This book is a part of Crossway’s Countercultural Spirituality series. Of all the volumes in the series perhaps the most natural choice for inclusion is Francis Schaeffer. Schaeffer it was whose lectures and writings urged upon a docile church the responsibility of engaging the culture. His L’Abri mission epitomized a way of doing it directly. Schaeffer’s life was all about living out the truth of Christianity intelligently before the watching world. He relentlessly called upon Christians to explore and exhibit God’s “reality”: to imbibe, not just intellectually but experientially the Living Truth in a fallen culture.

In their choice of William Edgar to write this book the publishers could not have done better. Edgar was converted through Schaeffer’s ministry and knew the Schaeffers well. Although Edgar incorporates personal reminiscences and reflections on the man, his evaluation is free of sentimentality and panegyric. Schaeffer on the Christian Life is a sympathetic yet objective appraisal of its subject, calculated to promote the spirituality it records.

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