Dr. Bruce Ashford on The Authority of God and the Authorities He has Ordained

"Authority and submission are difficult concepts in a society that’s fully committed itself to individual autonomy. ... Dr. Bruce Ashford explains the unrivaled authority of God, and those authorities He has established throughout the created order." - Breakpoint

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DBTS has launched a new podcast, Theologically Driven

"In this podcast we will be discussing issues of theology, biblical studies, preaching, church life, biblical counseling, and other areas in order to help church leaders and students of God’s Word continue to grow in their understanding and application of God’s truth." - DBTS

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Can Thomas Aquinas save us from (post)modernism?

"One of the more common mischaracterizations is that Thomas Aquinas is a pure rationalist who subverts the Scriptures at the expense of his philosophical musings. Contrary to this narrative, Aquinas was a man who was steeped in the Scriptures. For Thomas, the love of God is more important than the knowledge of God, even though both are absolutes." - Credo 

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