GARBC Conference 2010

Event blog posts from the 2010 annual conference

Fighting the Bantam Roosters: Baptist Fundamentalism Still Grapples with Its Colorful Heritage

Ninety years ago we gave ourselves a name: Fundamentalists.

“We suggest that those who still cling to the great fundamentals and who mean to do battle royal for the great fundamentals shall be called ‘Fundamentalists,’” wrote Curtis Lee Laws in the July 1, 1920 issue of the Watchman-Examiner, a Baptist newspaper with loose ties to the Northern Baptist Convention.

And 90 years later, we still discuss the implications of the Fundamentalist label. Back then, the issues seemed crystal clear: either you believed the Bible was true, or you didn’t. Simple to articulate and easy to defend, the idea of Fundamentalism was expressed as core doctrinal beliefs. Lines were drawn. Positions were staked. Ink was spilt, often.

But language is elastic, meaning is elusive, and sometimes words just wear out.

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Resolution on Fundamentalism

On Wednesday, the association passed a resolution on the subject of Fundamentalism and its future and the association’s relationships with respect to Fundamentalism. The resolution is especially interesting in light of the two “non GARBC” keynote speakers this year, Tim Jordan and Dan Davey. Look for an article soon including the text of the resolution as well some perspective from Jordan, Davey and others.

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Thursday Evening Update: Spiritual Warfare

Responsive Scripture Reading: Psalm 96:2-3, 7a-10

Songs: Holy, Holy, Holy; You Are Holy

Oral Interpretation of the Scriptures – Talent for Christ winner Emily Wiedemeir (First Baptist Church, Carroll, IA)

Male Voice – Talent for Christ winner Zac Singletary (First Baptist Church, Wellington, OH)

Invitation to 2011 Conference in Denver, CO

Offertory: Piano – Talent for Christ winner Sarah Parsons (Youngs Corners Fellowship Church, Wadsworth, OH)

Service Awards for Youth – presented by Lance Augsburger and John Greening

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Earthen Vessels

Could two guys be any more different than Dan Davey and Tim Jordan? Yes and no.

Following the afternoon general session, conference attendees were invited to a more intimate setting for a Q & A session with pastors Jordan and Davey, moderated by Gerry Weber. Why these two? Certainly one reason is that they are not what most people would characterize as “GARB guys,” so conference attendees are presumably unfamiliar with them and their ministries.

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Wednesday Evening Update: The Greatest Chapter in Daniel

Scripture Reading: Daniel 7:13-14

Songs: Great is the Lord Almighty; Ancient of Days; A Mighty Fortress is Our God

Recognition of New Churches into the GARBC

Baptist Church Planters Check Presentations

Offertory by Larry Kauffman “A Mighty Fortress Is Our God”

Psalm 97, Dr. David Harris, “The Lord Reigns”

Songs: No Other Name; Crown Him with Many Crowns

Daniel 7--Dr. Dan Davey

Introductory Comments: (v.1)

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Wednesday Afternoon - Dr. Tim Jordan

Daniel 6 - Tim Jordan

Introductory Comments:

  • The simplest things are often the hardest to explain to our children.
  • Over the years we learn clichés and repeat them.
  • This simple Sunday School story contains a perfect illustration of the truth that we exist for God’s glory.

Notes from the Body of the Message:

1. What did the people around Daniel end up saying about Daniel’s God?

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Wednesday Morning Update

Daniel 5 - Pastor Joe Earle, Iowa

Introductory Remarks:

  • Darius is coming and Belshazzar’s soul will soon be required of him.
  • God is seeking vindication for his sovereign might.
  • He is seeking His glory, and Daniel is the proof of it.
  • Belshazzar is a man of pride. 

1. He spurned God’s holiness (vv. 1-4).

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