Faith Baptist Bible College

Dr. Myron Hougton Retires After Distinguished Teaching Career

"Dr. Houghton began his teaching ministry in 1971 at Denver Baptist Bible College and at FBBC in 1983. Once the seminary opened in 1986, “Dr. Myron,” as he is known, became chairman of the theology department and has been the only person to serve in that position during the seminary’s 32-year history." - RBPress

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Faith: Flood Update and the Looming Deadline

FBBC in Ankeny Flooded: Urgent Need for Volunteers

"Ankeny received 10 inches of rain on Saturday night. This caused massive flooding in the entire town of Ankeny. This also caused flooding in all 6 of our apartment buildings and our IT and Maintenance Building. With students set to arrive in 6 weeks, we are in big trouble!" Announcement

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