Is the age of social media ending? Some argue yes, and good riddance.

"It’s never felt more plausible that the age of social media might end—and soon. Now that we’ve washed up on this unexpected shore, we can look back at the shipwreck that left us here with fresh eyes. Perhaps we can find some relief" - The Atlantic

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Facebook Reportedly Designates Violent Pro-Abortion “Jane’s Revenge” as Dangerous Extremist Group

The Intercept claims an internal memo describes Jane's Revenge as “a far-left extremist group that has claimed responsibility on its website for an attack against an anti-abortion group’s office in Madison, Wisconsin in May 2022. The group is responsible for multiple arson and vandalism attacks on pro-life institutions.” - The Intercept

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Technology: “there are always negative effects created along with positives.”

"To paraphrase Italian philosopher Paul Virilio, when you invent the ship, you also invent the shipwreck (insert train, car, plane, rockets, electricity, etc.). In other words, there are always negative effects created along with positives. It’s never either/or. It’s both/and." - Acton

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The Facebook Expose: Four Things Parents Need to Know

"Facebook’s own research confirms what many academic researchers had been saying for years—that for some people, especially teen girls, social media can harm mental health, and that the rise in depression and self-harm among teens since 2010 might be caused by the increasing popularity of social media" - IFS

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