Younger Evangelicals More Likely Than Older to Want In-Depth Sermons, Survey Finds

"Some people have advocated for short sermons for the younger generation . . . with the idea being that younger adults have shorter attention spans. Yet only 10 percent of evangelicals under age 40 would prefer shorter sermons at their church." - C.Leaders

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Evangelicals largely satisfied with all aspects of church, new study finds

"More than 38 percent of churchgoers wouldn’t change a thing among the 14 categories studied, according to 'The Congregational Scorecard: What Evangelicals Want in a Church' released Thursday and jointly conducted by Infinity Concepts and Grey Matter Research." - BPNews

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One-Fourth of White Evangelicals Embrace the QAnon Conspiracy Theory: Poll

"The poll by the Public Religion Research Institute, released Monday, found that 23 percent of white evangelicals and 26 percent of Republicans believe three major tenets of the QAnon theory" - C.Headlines

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Many Muslims Now Self-Identify as 'Evangelical' due to GOP Ties, Researcher Says

"Ryan Burge, who teaches political science at Eastern Illinois University and is the author of the book The Nones, says in an Oct. 26 New York Times column that evangelicalism’s ties to the Republican Party has drawn “more people to embrace the evangelical label” – including groups that typically would not be expected to accept it." - C.Headlines

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