Pew: Evangelical approval of Trump remains high, but other religious groups are less supportive

"More than two years into Donald Trump’s presidency, white evangelical Protestants in the United States continue to overwhelmingly support him, according to a new analysis of Pew Research Center survey data." - Pew Research

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Why Did Evangelicals Flock to Trump? Existential Fear

"Counterintuitively, the fact that Trump is bellicose, bombastic, insulting, and lives according to a code at odds with evangelicals’ beliefs actually made him more attractive as an ally, not less. 'Evangelical nice' is a real thing ...That made evangelicals unlikely to see one of their own as capable of defeating an existential threat." - The Bulwark

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Christians, Moral Hazards, and Roy Moore

“The entire time, all the girls are lying?” the man shouted, right before he was escorted out of the event. “Why would they lie?” ....Pastor: “I would remind everyone,” he sniffed, “that this is a worship service.” One could laugh, or cry, or marvel at how much this strange episode eerily resembles a cut-rate, mawkish cable-TV stereotype of a benighted Southern church. National Review

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