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Book Review: God's Harvard

Rosin, Hanna. God’s Harvard: A Christian College on a Mission to Save America. San Diego: Harcourt, 2007. Hardcover, 304 pages. $25.00
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ISBNs: 0151012628 / 9780151012626

Subjects: Patrick Henry College, Christian higher education, colleges

Hanna Rosin has covered religion and politics for the Washington Post. She also has written for the New Yorker, the New Republic, GQ, and the New York Times. She lives in Washington D.C. with her husband, Slate deputy editor David Plotz, and their two children.

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College Summer Ensembles: Ministry or Marketing?

by Eric Lovik

I have always looked forward to summers because that’s when a lot of college groups travel through the area. To me, there is something very refreshing about seeing and hearing young men and women sing, act, and play instruments for microphones.jpgthe Lord. I’ve learned so much about colleges, even the ones I’ve never visited, just by seeing a group perform at my church or at one nearby.

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Bob Jones University Eligible for Federal Student Aid

For the first time since losing its tax-exempt status in the 1970s, Bob Jones University is eligible for federal student aid.
“We thank the Lord for this approval and pray that it will both ease the financial burdens on our current students and enable other students who need this assistance to attend BJU to also receive the quality Christian education we have to offer,” wrote school vice president Gary Weier in an email announcing the change.

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The Chief and His Crew


A Brief History of Calvary Baptist Theological Seminary

In light of the recent discussion on what to look for in a seminary, it seemed timely to share some history about one of the fundamental seminaries we’re familiar with, a seminary now celebrating its 30th anniversary. I am not suggesting that this seminary is better than any others. In fact, I think the availability of choices for conservative, fundamental theological education is a good thing. I pray that the Lord would continue to use all of our seminaries to prepare men and women for lifelong service for Christ.

This article has been updated from its original version, which was published in recognition of Calvary’s 25th anniversary during 2001-02.


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