Doug Wilson

A Christian Town? This Controversial Church’s Goal Is to Make it Happen

"The Spokesman-Review ... quoted Wilson as saying that the idea of a 'spiritual takeover' of the city originated with is dad, James Wilson, after he retired from the Navy. Wilson’s father wrote a book titled 'Principles of War: A Handbook on Strategic Evangelism'" - C.Leaders

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Meet the Conservative Evangelicals Practicing ‘Strategic Hibernation’ in the American Northwest

"In September 2020, about 150 Christians gathered to stage an informal Psalm Sing in the parking lot of Moscow, Idaho’s city hall. They were there to protest the local mask mandate. ... One of the event’s organizers was Douglas Wilson, pastor of Christ Church in Moscow" - C.Today

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In Which I Consider the Propriety of Tying a Bandanna Around My Head and Coming Off the Top Ropes

Doug Wilson's broadside against David French and ... whatever it is he thinks French believes

 "Since Wilson is enjoining the debate on the side of Sohrab Ahmari, does he agree that we need to dispense with the liberal order itself by grasping the reins of power and coercing our way to a society ordered to the 'highest good'?" - National Review

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