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Christians & the Immigration Crisis: A Few Thoughts

From DBTS blog. Used with permission.

Donald Trump’s stay on admitting certain immigrants has brought out a raft of evangelical critics, especially those who see everything as an immediate gospel issue. Arguing from the facts that (1) God says nice things about foreigners in the Bible (e.g., Lev 19:33–34) and that (2) we have to be nice to foreigners or we’ll never have an audience with them to share the gospel, these express astonishment that a Christian could ever support an immigration ban of any sort. How, we might ask, can the gospel be forwarded if we anger or injure those to whom we are sent with the gospel?

It’s a redirection of the selfsame arguments that pacifists have been using for centuries to oppose war—and just as misguided. The following are a few thoughts in response:

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Open letter: cooperation needed amid SBC tensions

"Controversy surrounding ethicist Russell Moore's past comments on President-elect Donald Trump has led three Tennessee Baptists -- all under the age of 40 -- to issue an open letter calling 'the [conservative] resurgence generation and their protégés' to 'be the statesmen we need them to be in this season of denominational tension.'"

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Jerry Falwell Jr. emerges as possible Trump cabinet pick

"Liberty University President Jerry Falwell Jr. visited Trump Tower in New York City last Thursday to meet with the president-elect... Falwell declined to confirm or rule out whether he was being vetted as secretary of education but told the newspaper he will 'definitely play a role' in the Trump administration." BNG

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