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Russell Moore: 'If I were a member of Congress, I would vote to impeach' President Trump

"'This is not about politics. This is about our country, about the rule of law and about the sanctity of human life,' Moore, president of the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention, wrote in a Jan. 11 op-ed posted on his website." - CPost

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Trump to Raffensperger: Find Me the Votes

"...the Saturday call between Trump and Raffensperger provides the best window into the intense pressure that the Secretary of State—a lifelong Republican who voted for and donated to Trump—has been under. Trump’s voice was raised for much of the call, but he sounded increasingly desperate as it became clear that his appeals to Raffensperger’s Republican 'loyalty' weren’t going anywhere." - The Dispatch

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Texas v. Pennsylvania Would Have Upended the Electoral College

"Texas asked the Court to declare that electoral votes 'cast by such presidential electors' 'are in violation' of the Constitution and 'cannot be counted.' But... Under the Twelfth Amendment, Congress counts electoral votes. For the Court to instruct Congress what can or cannot be counted would be a remarkable intrusion on the separation of powers." - L & L

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“Shouldn’t loyalty to conservative principles define us, rather than loyalty to a person?”

"For those transgressions I am branded a leftist (or, as I recently noted, 'a flaming Communist'). ...The irony, of course, is that during this same season, I’ve continued to write and speak about the same biblically-based values that I have embraced for decades." - Michael Brown

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Trump’s Disgraceful Endgame

"There are legitimate issues to consider after the 2020 vote about the security of mail-in ballots and the process of counting votes...but make no mistake: The chief driver of the post-election contention of the past several weeks is the petulant refusal of one man to accept the verdict of the American people. The Trump team (and much of the GOP) is working backwards, desperately trying to find something, anything to support the president’s aggrieved feelings" - National Review

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Do You Desire Truth More Than Victory?

"In this election, most conservative Christians supported the policies of President Trump, especially as against those Joe Biden espouses. Most conservative Christians greatly desired the success of the Trump campaign. Those desires now drive a desperate search for any way to make the Trump campaign succeed. How far are you willing to go to see your desires succeed?" - P & D

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Why I Didn’t Vote for Joe Biden . . . or Donald Trump

My absentee ballot went into the mail last week. It looked a lot like 2016’s ballot: conservative selections for various state and local positions, write-ins for President and Vice President of the United States.

I didn’t vote for Biden and Harris, because I believe they would be bad for the country. I didn’t vote for Trump and Pence, because I believe they’re also bad for the country. It’s not clear to me which would be worse, all things considered, but it doesn’t matter. Both major party tickets add up to “Absolutely no way do you get my vote”—not “maybe,” not “it’s a close call,” not “this is a tough decision”—just no. Emphatically, no.

I wrote in a couple of individuals who have demonstrated leadership ability, above-average wisdom, key conservative principles, and a sense of responsibility for their public discourse. They’ve also given me reason to believe that—if they were President and Vice President—they would see themselves as the leaders of the entire nation, not just those who already adore them.

They would attempt to persuade detractors rather than merely rouse their faithful and try to compel everyone else through policy.

So why didn’t I back one of the “electable” candidates? Several reasons.

1. I didn’t have to.

Much of the rhetoric on voting ethics assumes that no alternative exists to backing Trump-Pence or backing Biden-Harris. Actual ink on actual paper on the ballot I submitted proves that assumption is false.

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Christian groups say 15K cap on refugee resettlement for 2021 is 'unconscionable'

"'As evangelicals, we believe in the God-given dignity of every person in every nation,' reads a press statement by evangelical Christian leaders, including Russell Moore, president of the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention, under the banner of the Evangelical Immigration Table." - C.Post

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