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Pew: Biden’s job rating is similar to Trump’s but lower than that of other recent presidents

"Nearly two years into his presidency, Joe Biden’s job rating stands at 38% – identical to Donald Trump’s approval rating at a similar point in his presidency, but lower than those of some other recent presidents in the run-up to their first midterm election." - Pew

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FBI Raids Mar-a-Lago: What Does it Mean?

"What does it all mean? How does a federal investigation of a senior official work, and what happens next? Plus: some possible theories and explanations that might shed some light on the events of yesterday." - The Dispatch Podcast

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Trump tells Dallas megachurch: America 'needs a Savior right now' and 'it’s not me’

" his greeting to parishioners at First Baptist Dallas on Sunday, Trump claimed he helped save Christianity during his time in office, but “very dark clouds” are now hanging over the country." - CPost

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