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"Should a pastor/church endorse any form of entertainment, including a film, or is that wrongly using spiritual authority for marketing purposes?"

Mark Driscoll asks some pointed questions about “Holy Hollywood.”
“Should Christians view the trend of filmmaking solely for their niche market as a good thing as they are gaining respect or a bad thing that Christians somehow can’t just enjoy a decent mainstream film like everyone else?”
“Should churches open their auditoriums to watch films or is that a violation of “sacred space”?”

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Bob Gray of Jacksonville Arrested on Molestation Charges

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SharperIron has learned that Dr. Bob Gray, former pastor of Trinity Baptist Church and founder of Trinity Baptist College in Jacksonville, Florida, was arrested on Friday, May 19, and is being held on charges of capital sexual battery. Gray is accused of molesting two elementary school girls in incidents that occurred decades ago.

Please pray for all parties concerned.

Detailed Accounts:

Added May 21: First Coast News (Video): “Member: Church Knew About Molestation Allegations
Added May 21: Florida Times-Union- “Ex-pastor arrested in sexual abuse of 2 women” (Registration Required)
Added May 21: Trinity Baptist Church Statement

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