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Nashville Mega Church Fights $425,000 Tax Bill for Gym, Bookstore & Cafe

“The question of who can decide which parts of a church are religious and secular is drawing national attention, with some calling it a First Amendment issue. Christ Church shut down its cafe and bookstore and handed off its gym to the YMCA of Middle Tennessee this year as the dispute dragged on, moves meant to keep the tax bill from increasing.”
The Tennesseean

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An Epistle on Church Planting

Demetrius, a fellow worker for the truth, to Georgias, whom I love in truth.

Grace and peace from God the Father and Jesus Christ his Son.

It is my greatest desire that you walk in the truth that our brother John received from Jesus Christ, handed on to me, and which I am now handing on to you. My time of labor is almost over, but I commit this to you now so that you may be able to teach others also.

In order to abide in the tradition, you must understand that God is light; therefore, those who have fellowship with him must walk in the light. In order to live the tradition, you must understand that God is love; therefore, those who know him must walk in love. These underlying principles are true throughout all of creation, and they form a basic presupposition for everything I say to you: God’s nature must control how we live if we are to achieve the purpose for which we were created and redeemed. To say this in another way, everything God created has a nature and a purpose, and it must operate according to that God-given nature and purpose if it is to thrive. This is also true of the church you are seeking to plant. You must know what the church is, what the church is for, and what obligations that creates for you.

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Why Do They Leave Fundamentalism? Part 1

Is the Grass Greener?

“It’s nice of you to come, but we are not coming to your church. Your music is awful.” That’s what she told him. She was on morphine, lying in a hospital bed after abdominal surgery. He said some kind words that would not be remembered and left his card on her bedside stand. In a couple of hours, this green_grass.gifcard would be confirmation of a conversation she hoped had not actually taken place.

She was my wife, and this event occurred a few weeks into our encounter with a “church growth” type of church. I’ll call it Charity Community Church (CCC). We had visited CCC a couple of times and had asked for prayer in Sunday school for Jenny’s upcoming surgery. We had also been amazed by the music they used for worship. They had a band—with drums—and a real black man who jumped up and down as he led music, clapping and praying. She hoped the conversation hadn’t taken place because she really didn’t believe their music was awful. It simply wasn’t the music we were accustomed to using for worship.

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