Cults & Heresies

Islamic Infrastructure

A former Muslim wisely observed, “Islam is not just a religion. It is a lifestyle imposed by force.: We in the western world need to comprehend some of the differences of daily life and conduct among those who were brought up as Muslims.
islam.gifInstructions for Muslim social patterns are not set forth in the special “revelation” of the Koran. Most of what Muslim children are taught concerning how they should live is in attempted imitation of the lifestyle of the prophet Mohammed. His life preferences and decisions are considered a model for all Muslims. Written records of his actions and sayings were gathered two centuries after his death in the Hadith, and through the centuries those patterns have been interpreted and declared binding by recognized local religious leaders. The summation of teachings is called Sharia or Sharia law.

As a religious teacher, Mohammed had little success, assembling only 120 followers by the time he was 40. Only after Allah supposedly directed that previous revelations of the Koran, promoting peaceful coexistence with others, were no longer to be followed and that Christians, Jews, and all infidels (non-Muslims) could be killed in jihad (holy war) and that booty could be taken (Sura 9:29) was there real growth in the number of his followers. It appears to us in western culture that their life-model or social model is seriously flawed.

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The Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter-day Saints

This is the name of the religious organization headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah. I like the title by itself because of the interplay of emphasis in the nine words. But here is the big question—how Christ-centered is the Mormon religion? To be fair, how Christ-centered is American Evangelicalism?

Recently, an LDS gentleman named Dave wrote a brief blog entry on “Evangelical Cults of Personality” that I discovered on the “bloggernacle” world of Mormon Archipelago. His thoughts resonated my frustration over the focus in mega-church Evangelicalism; therefore, his short article became the genesis for my serious contemplation these last few weeks. What is my daily focus? What is it that I really like to talk about the most? Is it my ambitions, interests, and ministry, or is it the Lord Jesus Christ?

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Da Vinci Code Box Office Falls In Second Weekend

Box Office Mojo reports:
“In its second weekend, The Da Vinci Code dove 56 percent, the steepest fall of star Tom Hanks’ career following his biggest opening, which was boosted by millions of eager readers of the blockbuster novel. For the four-day weekend, the theological thriller claimed $42.4 million, raising its total to $144.9 million in 11 days.”

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