Is Biblical Counseling Anti-Science?

"Terms of derision are often used to dismiss others or the beliefs they espouse. Their use is, at its root, intellectual laziness. Rather than building a reasoned case for disagreement (or seeking a clearer understanding of the opposing idea), an epithet is launched to 'settle' the disagreement." - GARBC

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Study: Today’s Pastoral Counseling Is More Fluent in Psychology

"...a February article in the Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion documents trends in the way pastors wrote about their role as counselors as it became commonplace for people to turn to psychologists rather than spiritual leaders with their problems." - C.Today

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Dr. Larry Crabb, Christian Counselor, Spiritual Adviser and Author, Has Passed Away

"Crabb served as the spiritual director of the American Association of Christian Counselors and was the author of more than 25 books, including When God’s Ways Make No SenseInside Out, and Understanding People: Why We Long for Relationship." - C. Leaders

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“The failures of Job’s friends should serve as a warning to Christians.”

"There is a kind of ministry that is without words, and sometimes the best way to help others is to simply share with them in their pain. As the preacher of Ecclesiastes said, there is 'a time to speak and a time to keep silent'" (Eccl. 3:7). - Jake Bier

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