Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood

CBMW Announces Spring Issue of Eikon: A Journal for Biblical Anthropology

"You are not going to want to miss Craig Carter on the philosophical underpinnings of transgenderism, Brad Littlejohn on natural theology and the sexes, Nathan Tarr on abortion and the early church, or Wayne Grudem on why he changed his mind over the grounds for divorce" Eikon is available free in PDF form. - CBMW

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Does Anyone Need to Recover from Biblical Manhood and Womanhood? A Review of Aimee Byrd’s “Recovering from Biblical Manhood and Womanhood”

"Here’s my attempt to paraphrase [Byrd's] basic argument: So-called 'biblical manhood and womanhood'—especially as John Piper and Wayne Grudem teach it—uses traditional patriarchal structures to oppress women. Byrd argues that “biblical manhood and womanhood” is not all biblical. A lot of it is unbiblical.

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Southwestern Seminary Adopts Nashville Statement

Adam W. Greenway: "I am grateful that our Board of Trustees has adopted the Nashville Statement and reaffirmed our commitments to the Danvers Statement on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood as well as the Chicago Statement on Biblical Inerrancy as official guiding documents to help clarify our interpretation and application of the truths expressed in our Confession of Faith." - CBMW

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Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood: Gender and Sexuality News Roundup

"One mission of CBMW is to help Christians think through secular and ecclesial trends on gender and sexuality....In our weekly Gender and Sexuality News Roundups, we aim to distill some of the more pertinent information for you." - CBMW

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Ten Reasons Why the New NIV Bible is Bad for Women

Notwithstanding the doctrinal imprecision and blatant politically-correct translating agenda, there are additional reasons why I dislike gender inclusive Bibles. Undoubtedly the publishers had good intentions, and genuinely wanted to help women, but in my mind, a gender-inclusive Bible is BAD for women. Really, really bad for women!

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