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"Like the U.S. public, Protestants make up more than half (57 percent) of the 112th Congress, and Catholics constitute roughly a quarter (29 percent)"

Pew Forum: Religious profile of 112th Congress remains stable

“Baptists, by contrast, are underrepresented, according to Pew’s study: They make up nearly 17 percent of the population, but less than 13 percent of Congress.”

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Nashville Mega Church Fights $425,000 Tax Bill for Gym, Bookstore & Cafe

“The question of who can decide which parts of a church are religious and secular is drawing national attention, with some calling it a First Amendment issue. Christ Church shut down its cafe and bookstore and handed off its gym to the YMCA of Middle Tennessee this year as the dispute dragged on, moves meant to keep the tax bill from increasing.”
The Tennesseean

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"A US federal court judge has placed a temporary block on an Oklahoma amendment that bans state judges from consulting Sharia law"

“Last week, State Question 755, a constitutional amendment, was approved by 70 percent of Oklahoma voters banning state judges from consulting Sharia law.”
Muneer Awad of the Council on American-Islamic Relations: “You have a state-endorsed amendment in our [Oklahoma ] Constitution that isolates, targets and marginalizes Muslims as a threat to the American way of life”
US judge halts Oklahoma’s ban on Shariah

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