Church & State

In Topeka: living alongside “the most hated family in America”

NY Times: The Price of Free Speech

“The city has settled into a tenuous, if mutually disdainful, co-existence with the Phelpses. The children of Mr. Phelps work white-collar jobs: 11 of the 13 are lawyers, including the three daughters who appeared before the Supreme Court on Wednesday. (Mr. Phelps was disbarred in 1979.) His 56 grandchildren and 9 great-grandchildren attend public school.”

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Oklahoma Baptist Pastor Faces IRS Complaint

“ ‘AU claims to stand for the separation of church and state, yet by complaining to the IRS, AU is asking for government monitoring and surveillance of churches by the state,’ said ADF Senior Legal Counsel Erik Stanley to The Christian Post. ‘That’s not separation of church and state no matter how you look at it.’” -CP

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"Evangelicals are taking page out of the Mormon playbook"

Evangelical Polygamy: The Conservative Honeymoon with Glenn Beck

“How does a Mormon talk show host get hundreds of thousands of Americans, many of them evangelicals, to gather together for a ‘non-political’ revival?” Simple. He preaches the unifying message of morality and opportunity.”

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