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The Rise of Right-Wing Wokeism: A Review of ‘The Case for Christian Nationalism’ by Stephen Wolfe

"I understand and sympathize with the desire for something like Christian Nationalism, but if this book represents the best of that ism, then Christian Nationalism isn’t the answer the church or our nation needs." - Kevin DeYoung

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“The Christian Church in America has seen a renewed interest in modified versions of theonomy”

"Theonomy is utterly dependent upon the embrace of a postmillennialism that inevitably demands the implementation of a Christian theistic ethic into the fabric of every society. This makes nearly every form of theonomy a present non-reality that is dependent on a misconstrued eschatological hope." - Nicholas Batzig

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Can There Be a “Christian City?” Reflections on Doug Wilson and Moscow, Idaho

“I would recommend that Wilson read two books: Augustine’s ‘The City of God’ and Greg Boyd’s ‘The Myth of a Christian Nation.’ According to BOTH, before the return of Christ there can be no ‘City of God’ or “Christian Nation.” - Roger Olson

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Southwestern prof on Russian Orthodox Patriarch: war, indulgences, “when church and state get too cozy with one another”

“The pronouncement of Patriarch Kirill is little different than the sort of indulgences that Martin Luther fought against in the Reformation,” - BPNews

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Study: 61% of Republicans said they favor “the United States officially declaring the United States to be a Christian nation.”

"The questions about Christian nationalism — the idea that Christianity is an essential part of American identity and that Christians should run the country — were part of a larger poll of 2,091 participants conducted May 6–16, 2022." - RNS

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John MacArthur, James White, et al release Frankfurt Declaration on government abuse of power

"The 2,000-word document has received signatures so far from notable figures including John MacArthur, Tom Buck, Voddie Baucham, Phil Johnson, James Coates, and James White." - C.Leaders

The Declaration

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