Youth Ministry

Youth ministries must view children as ‘participants,' not 'consumers': Barna Group CEO

"David Kinnaman, who leads the prominent faith-based polling firm founded by Evangelical pollster George Barna, gave a video presentation Thursday at the Awana Child Discipleship Forum about the five shifts he believes are needed to renew children's ministries." - C.Post

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Evangelical deconstruction: "I want them to know what they believe and why"

"Twice a week I sit with ten or more 17 and 18-year-olds and let them ask any question they want about the faith—freely—no question is out of bounds.... I want to make sure they know what they believe and why." - Kevin Schaal

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Kids leave church because the church is “relevant.”

"It’s not that our students 'got smarter' when they left home; rather, someone actually treated them as intelligent. Rather than dumbing down the message, the agnostics and atheists treat our youth as intelligent and challenge their intellect with “deep thoughts” of question and doubt." - C.Leaders

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