Clarification to Joel Tetreau's "Line in the Sand"

Singleton at deskI consider myself a good friend of Joel Tetreau’s. He’s only five years my junior, and we graduated from the same high school and college. In 1997, when I was the Associate Pastor of Tri-City Baptist Church, Joel and I spent many hours in private discussion concerning the church Dr. Singleton and I had just planted, Southeast Valley Baptist Church. I also spent many hours on private email with Joel, encouraging him to come and take this church that is about 10 miles from where I pastor at Tri-City Baptist. Joel’s three sons are in our Christian school, and I see him and chat with him on a regular basis. Additionally, Joel’s father, Dr. Jerry Tetreau, has his signature on three of my five diplomas, and he currently serves as President of International Baptist College, a ministry of Tri-City Baptist Church. Although I have neither the time nor the desire to involve myself in a “blogging war,” I do think that I, as Dr. Singleton’s immediate successor, have a responsibility to correct any potential misunderstandings of Joel’s article as it relates to our ministry and Dr. Singleton’s legacy. (LEFT: Dr. Singleton and his wife, Mary)

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"One of the most interesting features of Dalhouse’s work is his sense that the BJU practice of separation was not always what it came to be, but instead was intensified during the presidency of Bob Jones Jr."

Matthew Hoskinson reviews Mark Taylor Dalhouse’s book An Island in the Lake of Fire

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CBTS Makes More Bauder Audio Available

Central Seminary has uploaded some new audio content from their president, Kevin Bauder.
SI readers may particularly find interesting “Biblical Separatism: A Summary and Report,” Bauder’s report to Fourth Baptist Church of his time at Beeson Divinity School for “Pilgrims in the Sawdust Trail” in October of 2001

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Joel's Reflection after the ABC storm

I’ve always wondered what it must have been like for the survivors after a ferocious battle. There’s no way that any of us who live as civilians outside of harm’s way really know that. I think I got a small taste of that, however.

I slept about nine hours over a three-day span. The emails, private messages, phone calls, even a few hand written notes, made it to me during the ABC thing was at times surreal. I was for about three days doing nothing but pastoral work and chatting with you all. My wife and kids were gracious enough to give me up for a few days. I’m making it up today. Three of them are sick. The youngest, Josh, is healthy and playing video games … which means I get to sneak back and say Hi! and give a few thoughts after the storm. These thoughts will be much like my epistle - random, and without too much organization.

I want to give you a few post-storm reflections. Holy Cow! You people are passionate. I knew that … but what a reminder!

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Three Lines in the Sand

Note: “Three Lines in the Sand, Part 4,” has been removed.

Friends, I have been grieved from the start that this article series that I had hoped would help with a desired unity between Type A, B, and C has, in fact, done just the opposite. The failure is mine. First, I spent too much attention on the differences between Type B’s and A’s. Second, I spent too much attention on differences between myself and several other ministries. Third, some of the details I gave were not precise. I did not intentionally lie, but I missed “the” pure picture on several statements.

All of that has produced an ugly spirit that has floated over this article almost from the beginning. I am the writer, so I will take the blame here. I am so very sorry. I have asked God to forgive me, and I ask you all to do the same.

If anyone wants the last installment of “Three Lines in the Sand,” write me offline, and I can give it to you. It may be that we can post this some other time after prayer, reflection, and a clear sense that the writing is both accurate and presented in the best manner. I just believe Satan is using this, and the good is being hurt by the negative that’s coming out of this.

I clearly blew it here. As we got into this, I thought I could clean it up as I went. That was the wrong approach.

I pray for your forgiveness,


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