You Can’t Love Missions without Loving the Local Church

Six Tips for Preaching in a Missionary Context

Missions: Don’t Go Until You’re Sent

The greatest challenge to modern missions is a lack of understanding of the church’s nature and its role in missions.

The church in Antioch didn’t send the youngest (and thus cheapest to support), the least experienced in ministry, the most awkward, or those they wanted to get rid of. They sent Paul and Barnabas! They sent their best, the two men who were undoubtedly the congregation’s strongest leaders.

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The Barnabas Chronicle, Winter 2016-2017

Dear Family/Friends,

Happy New Year from Joel and Toni Tetreau. The Barnabas Chronicle is our attempt to communicate the latest happenings from our family, Southeast Valley Bible Church and IBL West (Institute of Biblical Leadership). What a year 2016 was. For our family the year was monumental. Jonathan (our eldest son) not only finished his Bachelor’s degree at ASU, but he married his sweetheart Brittany. Jeremy (our middle son) is now a junior and is enjoying his studies at Liberty University in Lynchburg. Joshua (our youngest son) lives at home and is studying education at ASU. All three of our sons continue to be very involved in the Lord’s work for which we are thankful.

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