Did Hobby Lobby really go ‘full dominionism’?

"On July 4th, Hobby Lobby took out a full-page ad in multiple newspapers featuring a prominently placed verse from the Bible along with numerous, pro-Christian, pro-Bible quotes from our Founding Fathers and other key leaders in our history. It then closed with an appeal to seekers to find out more about Jesus." - Michael Brown

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Gospel Tracts Don’t Work: Agree or Disagree?

“I already have one of those,” said the taxi driver when I offered him one of the gospel tracts in my wallet. Since I live in a densely populated Asian city, the odds seemed slim he really had one. To my shock, the driver pulled an identical tract from the console between the seats.

“You gave it to me last time you rode in my taxi.” I did not remember him, but he remembered me and kept my tract. It’s hard to remember taxi drivers when all you see is the back of their heads.

About a year later, I was witnessing to another taxi driver, and the same thing occurred. He, too, still had the tract I had given him months before.

“Did you read it?” I asked him.

“No,” he replied.

“Then it won’t be able to help you,” I said, smiling into his rear view mirror. “Read it. That message can change your life.”

Is the Common Perception about Tracts Wrong?

Most Christians today rarely give out tracts. Why would they? Tracts don’t work. Even pastors say so. But is this true?

My story above could be used as a case in point. I could augment that with stories of tracts that met their doom on filthy city streets just moments after I handed them to someone. Furthermore, I can say that despite the hundreds of tracts I have given to people on both hemispheres, I cannot think of one who got saved just because I gave them a tract.

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Evangelism Without the Angst

"Have a normal conversation. ...a normal conversation about life, sports, family, who has the best French fries, whatever. Somewhere along the way, a problem with a child, a health concern with a family member, or an issue at work will pop up. Just offer this: Would it be OK if, when I pray, I include that in my prayers?" - Lifeway

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Evaluating Evangelistic Phrases

Repent and Believe: Clarifying the Gospel Call

When we share the gospel, we need to be clear on what we’re asking sinners to do in response to what Christ has done. The Biblical response to the gospel is to repent and believe (Mr. 1:15; Acts 20:21). Sometimes, the Scriptures emphasize the need to repent (see Luke 24:46-47, Acts 2:38, 3:19, 11:18, 17:30, 36:20). Other times, only faith is mentioned (Acts 16:31; Eph. 2:8-9; Ro. 3:28, 5:1; Gal. 2:16). In reality, repentance and faith are two sides of the same coin, occurring simultaneously at the point of someone’s conversion to Christ.

Sadly, much of what is called evangelism today lacks gospel clarity. Repentance and faith are often missing or muddied in many of our evangelistic endeavors. Over the years, a number of popular phrases, terms, and shorthand expressions have either watered down or replaced the Biblical response to the gospel. When this happens,

“the gospel often remains untaught, and unbiblical words water down the poignant true meaning of sin, death, and hell, or confuse those who are genuinely seeking truth” (J. Mack Styles, Evangelism, pg. 28).

In this article, I would like to evaluate common phrases we use in our evangelism and then briefly look at the Biblical call to repent and believe the gospel.

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Fisherman or Fishermen? Considering the Church’s Corporate Mission

"When Jesus said in Matthew 4:19, 'I will make you fishers of men,' do you picture an individual sitting on the edge of a pier with a rod and reel? Or do you imagine a group of fishermen leaning over the side of a boat, each one holding their part of a large net? More importantly, which kind of fishing came to the disciples’ minds?" - 9 Marks

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