The Church’s Time to Shine

Prior to 2020, there was only one stretch of time in my life when people ceased from their normal routines and showed a profound interest in spiritual things.

That, of course, was in the days following Sept. 11, 2001. The response was palpable. It was overwhelmingly patriotic, unifying and somber. People also turned their minds toward eternity. In fact, their reaction was so robust in those early days and weeks after the terrorist attacks that some even pondered if we were witnessing the beginnings of a genuine revival.

In short order, however, people returned to their old routines. To say that any heartfelt response was short-lived would be a severe understatement. Church pews—filled to overflowing for just a few weeks after 9/11—were comfortably empty quickly enough. We said we would “never forget” the lessons we learned on that awful Tuesday morning. But we greatly overestimated our resolve—at least from a spiritual perspective. For the most part, it’s long forgotten.

But this time is so much different. The majority of my service with The Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry has taken place since the world went into crisis mode, initially in March of 2020. I can testify that the response that people have shown over the last 18 months—while much more subtle than their behavior 20 years ago—is also considerably more profound and thoughtful.

Churchgoers may not be packing the pews these days—in fact, they may even be viewing the services from the comfort of their own homes. But many of them are interested and asking questions as never before.

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Gen Z wants to spread Gospel by example and understand others, study says

"...according to a new Barna Research study in conjunction with Alpha USA....More than half of Gen Z Christians, 53 percent, have a very positive view of letting the way they live be the primary witness of their faith to non-Christians, compared to 40 percent who have a very positive view of sharing their faith by testimony" - BPNews

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Former Mormon missionary finds Jesus after attempting to convert Baptist pastor

"Wilder viewed Christians as a specific challenge, he said, because growing up, he was taught that evangelicals practiced a 'cheap faith;' that they believed their lives didn't necessarily need to reflect the faith they claimed to profess." - C.Post

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Did Hobby Lobby really go ‘full dominionism’?

"On July 4th, Hobby Lobby took out a full-page ad in multiple newspapers featuring a prominently placed verse from the Bible along with numerous, pro-Christian, pro-Bible quotes from our Founding Fathers and other key leaders in our history. It then closed with an appeal to seekers to find out more about Jesus." - Michael Brown

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