“The power of introverted hospitality in an extroverted world of church ministry.”

"Jesus had no home on earth to invite others into. When he sat with the woman at the well or crossed the sea to purge a single man of his demons, he wasn’t trying hard to attract crowds.... Sometimes, no one could find him... yet he embodied hospitality—which translates from the Greek to love of the stranger—in everything he did, to everyone he met." - C.Today

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Barna Research: Pastors See Missions as a Mandate, but Christians Aren't So Sure

"Christians . . . tend to believe missions is a calling for some (51%), not a mandate for all (25%). On the other hand, the vast majority of pastors (85%)—regardless of denomination—says missions is work that all Christians participate in." - Barna

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“A Great Man Theory of leadership in professing Christianity is a very dangerous thing.”

"Sometimes the true spiritual leaders of the first generation survive the temptations of such hero worship. But the generation that follows—the generation that sees the veneration of their forbears and aspires to it themselves—becomes corrupt because their motives are corrupt from the start." - P&D

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