To the Mourner

"In recent months I have often mentioned the growing importance of poetry in my life. As we come to Good Friday and Easter, I have been enjoying some of the devotional poetry of days gone by, and was especially struck by Hannah Flagg Gould’s "To the Mourner.'" - Challies

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Experiencing Easter

What a tumultuous week it had been for Jesus’ disciples. Talk about going through a whirlwind! By Sunday evening, they were practically—almost literally—driven out of their minds.

Each of these men had spent—wasted?—three years in the school of Christ.

But now, suddenly, it was over. This was the end—and now it was time to return to the mundane tasks that had been all but forgotten over the course of the previous years.

But they did not realize that, for each of them, life—real life—was actually just about to begin.

Unexpectedly, Jesus appeared to them—walking into a room with closed doors (see John 20:19, 26). Amazing things were about to happen!

They were about to experience Easter for themselves.


Jesus’ resurrection body had astounding capabilities.

First of all, we must recognize that He was not “a spirit” (Luke 24:37, 39). Jesus was still in a physical body—although now resurrected and glorified.

It appears to me, though, that the characteristics that He displayed here “during forty days” (Acts 1:3) that He spent upon the Earth following His resurrection were not related to His exercise of Divine attributes, and they certainly did not manifest the fullness of His glory as the Son of God (see John 17:5). When He revealed Himself to the Apostle John in that exalted state, His appearance was far different (see Rev. 1:10-20).

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Conversation with Tim Keller on his new book – Hope in Times of Fear: The Resurrection and the Meaning of Easter

"If I was working on . . . some theological topic like the Sabbath—I’m sure my cancer would have been a distraction. But this book was on death and resurrection. So every time I wrote it was like having a wrestling-with-God prayer session. It was hard and great—but I always felt God dealing with me and helping me as I wrote." - Tim Keller

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Ye Humble Souls That Seek the Lord

The Resurrection. Andrea Mantegna c. 1459.

Ye humble souls, that seek the Lord,
Chase all your fears away;
And bow with rapture down to see
The place where Jesus lay.

Thus low the Lord of life was brought;
Such wonders love can do:
Thus cold in death that bosom lay,
Which throbbed and bled for you.

A moment give a loose to grief,
Let grateful sorrows rise,
And wash the bloody stains away,
With torrents from your eyes.

Then raise your eyes, and tune your songs,
The Savior lives again:
Not all the bolts and bars of death
The Conqueror could detain.

High o’er the angelic bands He rears
His once dishonored head;
And through unnumbered years He reigns,
Who dwelt among the dead.

With joy like His shall every saint
His vacant tomb survey;
Then rise with His ascending Lord
To realms of endless day.

Philip Doddridge (d.1751)

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