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This Week in Christian History: Martin Niemöller Dies, Religious Instruction Ban, America's 1st Religious Magazine

March 5, 1743: "Printed in Boston and released every Saturday, The Christian History was a byproduct of the First Great Awakening, a time of large-scale spiritual revival in the British colonies of North America." CPost

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This Week in Christian History: A Reformer Is Born, Vatican Encyclical on Birth Control, and Thomas Jefferson

Vatican Issues Anti-Contraception Encyclical – Dec. 31, 1930 ...  Protestant Reformer Ulrich Zwingli is Born – Jan. 1, 1484 ... Thomas Jefferson Writes 'Separation of Church and State' Letter – Jan. 1, 1802. CPost

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A Statement by the Two Laymen & Foreward to Volume 12

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Rev. A. C. Dixon, D. D., in the fall of 1909, while pastor of the Moody Church in Chicago, organized the Testimony Publishing Company. He also edited the first five volumes of “THE FUNDAMENTALS,” but upon being called to London early in the summer of 1911 to become pastor of the Metropolitan Tabernacle, founded by the late Charles H. Spurgeon, he found it necessary to give up the editorial work on the books.

The next five books were taken in hand by the late Louis Meyer, a Christian Jew, who worked so strenuously in the securing and editing of matter for “THE FUNDAMENTALS” that his health failed. He departed to be with Christ July 11, 1913, in Monrovia, California. His widow and children are now residing in Pasadena, California.

Rev. R. A. Torrey, D. D., Dean of the Bible Institute of Los Angeles, edited Volumes XI and XII, two articles, however, in Volume XI having been approved by Dr. Meyer and passed on to Dr. Torrey when he took up the work.

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