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Not So Unprecedented Times: What We Can Learn From the Spanish Flu Church

"Since most of us don’t know anyone who was alive in 1919, it’s easy to feel like we’ve never been here before. And yet, a brief look into the not too distant past shows that in some ways, this is nothing new. Specifically, the church in America has been here before and emerged stronger on the other side, which raises the question: How did that happen?" - F&T

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Will People Leave Your Church Over Politics?

"Yes, there has always been the reality of churches mixing in too much politics, but this is different. It’s not necessarily about the pastor being too political, as would be the common claim before our current political climate. Today’s criticism is more focused on what the pastor is not. This usually takes form in two different outrages..." - F&T

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20 Quotes on Loving Church Members with Different Politics

"I (Matt Smethurst) recently read Jonathan Leeman and Andy Naselli’s helpful new booklet, How Can I Love Church Members with Different Politics? (Crossway, 2020). It’s an ideal resource for church leaders to recommend and give away to their congregations during a contentious election season. The following 20 quotes caught my attention." - TGC

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What Does the Bible Have to Teach Our Churches about Multi-Ethnic Unity?

"Given these difficulties, my church’s elders decided we wanted to spend time intentionally shepherding our people to think rightly about our identity as a gospel community as well as our responsibility to one another and the world in these divided times. One way we did that was by preaching a sermon series highlighting four texts on our covenant relationship as they applied to race, ethnicity, and God’s purposes in the gospel." -  9 Marks

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The Church after Covid – Where Is It Going?

"In the post-lockdown world, healthy churches are likely to be almost reconnecting at 'full strength,' again depending on size and circumstances. Our small group is able to hold services (somewhat reduced in frequency) in conformity to distancing recommendations. If we were larger, we would do as we hear of others doing, holding multiple “spread out” services so that we can persist in gathering together as the Bible calls us to do." - Don Johnson

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