2019 FBFI Annual Fellowship – Audio

"...now you can attend virtually by means of the conference audio. We’ll link each session below, with brief descriptions of the messages. The last night of the conference I had a lot of trouble going to sleep — my mind kept replaying moments through the conference, thinking about the messages and the whole time of fellowship. It was a spiritual highpoint for sure." - Don Johnson

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FBFI warns of BJU "change of policy regarding the separation"

The Legitimate Concerns of the Next Generation of Christians in My Denomination

"I was asked by Dr. Mike Harding to deliver an address titled 'The Legitimate Concerns of the Next Generation (An Objective Analysis)' at the Foundations Baptist Fellowship International (FBFI) annual meeting in Troy, Michigan, June 12–13, 2018." M.Ward

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CT and FBFI on gun control

Kevin Schaal (FBFI): "Separation is Not Always the Answer"