What to Do With Christmas Trees, Halloween, Meat Offered to Idols, and New Year’s Celebrations

"What are Christians to do with practices, symbols, parties, and customs we find in a culture? Here are three options when it comes to how we treat and respond to something in the culture." - Geiger

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The World Is Catechizing Us Whether We Realize It or Not

"... David Well’s famous definition: worldliness is whatever makes righteousness look strange and sin look normal. Here’s the reality facing every Christian in the West: the money, power, and prestige of the mainstream media, big time sports, big business, big tech, and almost all the institutions of education and entertainment are invested in making sin look normal. " - DeYoung

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A Model for Church Discipline

"In general, with many exceptions, of course (and I am not including here real fundamentalist churches), American evangelical churches have allowed biblical and traditional virtues, values and rules to fall away. Individualism has become the norm; each church member’s lifestyle and conduct is solely between him/her and God." - Roger Olson

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Survey: Half of U.S. ‘Christians’ Say Casual Sex Is Acceptable

"According to a new survey by Pew Research, half of self-identified Christians in America say casual sex is sometimes or always acceptable. The survey defined casual sex as sex between consenting adults who are not in a committed romantic relationship." - TGC

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Slip Sliding Away: Culturally Accommodated “Christianity”

"To what extent do we, American Christians especially, allow our Christianity to be shaped and re-shaped by contemporary American culture? Are we supposed to stand out rather than (just) fit in? To what extent? Whatever happened to the Christian norm of avoiding 'worldliness?' Do we throw the baby out with the bathwater when we move away from perceived legalisms of the past and embrace the permissive standards of contemporary culture?" - Roger Olson

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Cultural Research Center: We’re Experiencing Another Reformation, and Not in a Good Way

"A new report released Tuesday by the Cultural Research Center (CRC) of Arizona Christian University has a troubling conclusion.... Unlike the Protestant Reformation, whose goal was to return to the foundational teachings of the Bible, this modern movement is one where Americans are redefining biblical beliefs according to secular values."- C.Leaders

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