Time Management

Time Is of the Essence!

by Les Heinze

Recently, I said to our pastoral staff that this summer has seemed so incredibly busy with weddings, funerals, retreats, meetings, trips, counseling and follow-up that I have only ridden my Harley one time! The summer is supposed to be a little slower-paced. What am I doing wrong? Why don’t I have more “free time?” Which brought to my mind an article I hadheinze_clock.jpg come across earlier titled, “If You Are 35, You Only Have 500 Days To Live.” (The article really bothered me because I am well over 35!) The article contends that when you subtract the time you spend sleeping, working, grooming, eating, traveling, and participating in other time-stealers, you have only 500 days to spend as you wish if you live another 36 years! That is a scary and probably discouraging thought, isn’t it?

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Take Time to Stop and Smell the Shark

by Beth Murschell

Until a month or so ago, my in-laws owned a little vacation cottage on the Jersey shore, built by Mick’s great grandfather. I’ve only been acquainted with it for 12 years or so, but each visit marks changes in the scenery—a kind of renovation beach11.jpgsundial. This time, the new owner (a distant cousin) had transformed the attic into a miniature loft, accessible by a spiral staircase, which enchanted the children. The entire house would fit into our own kitchen/living room. Eight people, his parents and us, occupied 400 square feet of space for three days during inclement weather.

The last time we came six years ago, we had only the photograph of our first child, who was awaiting us in Korea. Now six of us flew up from Florida and headed for the shore in a rented van full of car seats. When we arrived, we saw the markers of passing time everywhere: new construction, pilings and dunes that had disappeared during one storm were back, old shore houses that used to be occupied were decaying. The neighbor ladies next door spent one evening cutting down a set of trees and bushes that had been an eyesore for 40 years. “Remove not the old landmark” has been cast aside as house after house either grows taller or is replaced altogether.

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