Thinking Biblically About Homosexuality, Part 2

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Note: This article series was previously posted on SharperIron and has been updated and revised.

by Aaron Blumer

This article is the second of two aimed at thinking biblically about homosexuality. As in the first article, key words include Strong’s Concordance numbers as an aid for study. These numbers are indicated by the letter s, as in s.1100.

Part 1 introduced two nonfictional Christian men who were fictionally named “Bob” and “Jim.” While they both had good depravity_blumer.gifChristian upbringing and trusted Christ at an early age, one eventually found that when he was sexually attracted to another person, it tended to be to a man rather than to a woman.

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Thinking Biblically About Homosexuality, Part 1

Note: This article series was previously posted on SharperIron and has been updated and revised.

by Aaron Blumer

A True Story

Once there were two boys. We’ll call them Bob and Jim. They both grew up in Bible-believing, fundamentalist homes and had good Christian upbringing. They both had fathers who were somewhat blumer_perhaps.gifdistant and critical but honest, hardworking, and—in their own way—loving. Both boys also believed the gospel at an early age and served the Lord.

But as they reached adulthood, something happened to one that did not happen to the other. Bob began to feel sexually attracted to people of his own gender. He didn’t approve of what he felt. Indeed, he was deeply ashamed of his desires and wished they would go away. How had he become a “pervert”?

Jim, on the other hand, felt only the usual attraction to females.

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Book Review—Sex God

Sex God: Exploring the Endless Connections Between Sexuality and Spirituality, by Rob Bell; first edition. Grand Rapids, Michigan: Zondervan; March, 2007; 201 pages. Hardcover. Retail price—$19.99 (USD); £11.99 (GBP)

(Review copy courtesy of Zondervan)

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Special features: endnotes/resources/discussion

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Adult Consent: An Inadequate Ethic

The White House security guard thought he had seen it all. But there they were: a young couple, clothing strewn about, making passionate love on the White House lawn. As he and another guard hustled out to confront them, he only hoped the couple wouldn’t become another D.C. tourist attraction, but tourists gathered at the fence surely had a full view.

“Leave us alone,” the young man told the guards. “We’re both consenting adults. What business is this of yours?”
morality.jpg“This is the White House lawn,” the guard responded. “Property of the federal government, and more than your consent is required.”

Morality always involves more than adult consent. Admit the notion of God—even the watered-down God of pop religion, much less the full and fierce biblical God—and the entire universe becomes one big White House lawn. More than adult consent is required. And yet I’ve heard it, and you’ve heard it, too. The same people who generally agree there is a God resort to justifying sexual deviancy with, “They’re consenting adults. Leave them alone.” As if God is there to protect ladies from rape and children from molestation, but He doesn’t give a rip about what we do in our own bedrooms, as if this institution called marriage was given to us as nothing more than a convenient but nonessential way to run a society.

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