Prayer Shaming and the Church Shooting

"Their faith, while not in prayer, is in something else. Namely, that all human problems and challenges, such as climate change, gun violence, and even terrorism, are problems that can be solved if only we apply the right techniques, which these days are almost always political steps" CPost

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A Prayer for the Survivors of the Las Vegas Shooting

Lord, we are grieved that at least 59 people have died from the Las Vegas shooting, and that hundreds more have been injured. Father, we know that evil is a reality in our world. The curse that resulted from Adam’s sin brought with it death, disaster, and hardship. It also left all humans with a sinful nature, one that resists being tamed.

Lord, we especially want to pray for those grieving the loss of loved ones. Many lives were quickly snuffed out. Their loss is a grievous one, and the suddenness of it makes it even more painful. These loved ones feel the emptiness, the helplessness, the loss; dark clouds hover over their lives, lives that were forever changed in an instant. How can this be?

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From the Archives: Myths of Faith #4 - God Will Say Yes to My Prayer

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I groaned when I read the first sentences of a WORLD magazine article that appeared in the fall of 2014: “My husband lost a week’s pay. It must have fallen out of his pocket at the hardware store.” I’d sure hate to be that guy! I don’t even want to think about what losing a week’s pay would do to my family’s budget.

But how does a Christian respond to this kind of problem? What does responding with biblical faith look like? Hopefully, most of us get quickly to where the article’s author did: “My reaction was to pray immediately.” But how should faith shape the prayer? At least four options are available (or some combination of them):

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Divine Efficacy of Prayer

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All the greatest needs, both of the Church and of the world, may be included in one: the need of a higher standard of godliness; and the all-embracing secret of a truly godly life is close and constant contact with the unseen God; that contact is learned and practised, as nowhere else, in the secret place of supplication and intercession.

Our Lord’s first lesson in the school of prayer was, and still is: “ENTER INTO THY CLOSET” (Matt. 6:6). The “closet” is the closed place, where we are shut in along with God, where the human spirit waits upon an unseen Presence, learns to recognize Him who is a Spirit, and cultivates His acquaintance, fellowship, and friendship.

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