Pray for the President

"Ours is not a convenient faith. We are bound by the commands of the word of God no matter how difficult they might be for us. While there was a lot of division in evangelical and fundamental circles regarding our previous president, there is not much sympathy at all for President Biden. It doesn’t matter. Paul said to pray for him." - P&D

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Matthew Henry on the Method of Prayer

Matthew Henry is perhaps best known for his Bible Commentary. I first came across him when I downloaded my first copy of the E-Sword Bible program. His commentary is available as a free download. Henry (1662-1714) died after finishing Genesis through to Acts. The rest of his commentary was finished by friends utilizing his notes.

But Henry also wrote a valuable manual on prayer. I only discovered this after stumbling across the book Taking Hold of God – Reformed and Puritan Perspectives on Prayer edited by Joel Beeke and Brian G. Najapfour. Some of the material below is drawn form Chapter 8 (written by Beeke) titled “Matthew Henry on a Practical Method of Daily Prayer.”

In his chapter, Beeke references Ligon Duncan who edited a book on Henry and his method of Prayer. See A Method for Prayer: Freedom in the Face of God. The following excerpt of an article by Duncan is an intriguing insight into Henry’s Method of Prayer:

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Barna: Online Prayer May Now Be Key to Building Faith

"In the new journal Five Questions Every Church Leader Should Ask About Digital Prayer, Barna, partnering with Alpha, reveals that more than two-thirds (68 percent) of Christians express openness to participating in prayer time during online worship. Yet only 28 percent report actually being involved with a digital prayer service during the pandemic" - C.Leaders

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“Looking forward to stuff is what we do.”

"We’re expectant people always looking forward to what’s next. But this is one area we’re not expectant enough. We see hurt and wronging. The goings-on around us concern us. What we see can discourage us. But if your response is to complain or rant, you’ve missed the point. If it’s worth crying out over, your response should be persistent prayer." - P&D

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“We must pray with an awareness of our own shortsightedness, of our own feeble understanding.”

"One of the ugliest sights in the world is that of a child who rules over his parents. But ahead of even that is the sight of human beings who believe they have the right to rule over their God—who erupt in anger, who are insistent, who demand that God do things their way." - Challies

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