For many U.S. moms, pandemic brought increase in time spent caring for kids while doing other things

"For mothers whose youngest child was age 5 to 12, average time spent on secondary care increased by about 2.5 hours from 2019 to 2020, from an average of 5.8 to 8.2 hours a day, before dipping to an average of 7.1 hours a day in 2021." - Pew

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New Tools to Help Parents Navigate Teens’ Social Media Use

"The bipartisan 'Kids Online Safety Act,' which is currently before Congress, is an effort to address these realities by providing parents and kids with safeguards and tools to protect them, uncovering the 'black box algorithms' that can feed dangerous content, and creating a duty for social media platforms to prevent and mitigate harms" - IFS

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Is Religion Traumatic for Kids? New Data Suggests Otherwise

"Based on data from the Baylor survey... Adult men and women who attended religious services at least weekly at age 12 were more likely to report that they were currently 'very happy,'...and less likely to indicate that they were frequently bored, when compared to those who attended less frequently or not at all." - IFS

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Parental Rights: A Christian Natural Law Primer

"the intellectual superstructure is already in place to chip away at parental authority over children’s lives. This may not result in the immediate removal of children from Christian homes, but instead the denial of Christian parents to oversee the development and upbringing of their children as they see fit" - Eikon

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Pew: How parents’ views of their kids’ screen time, social media use changed during COVID-19

"Among parents who had a child age 5 to 11 at the outset of the pandemic, the share who said this child used TikTok rose 11 percentage points (21% in 2020 to 32% in 2021). For parents with a child who was younger than 5 at the time of the first interview, there was a 4-point uptick from 1% to 5%." - Pew

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Study: Christian parents' 'scrambled philosophy of life' turns children away from Christianity

The CRC at Arizona Christian University "released the third installment of its American Worldview Inventory on Tuesday, which provides 'a detailed look at how the worldview of parents of preteens misses the mark.'" - C.Post

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