Musician teaches young girls that modest is hottest

“After I started selling those [“modest is hottest” ] shirts, I realized that girls weren’t just buying it because they wanted a cute T-shirt or a souvenir … . They really wanted to support that it’s possible to live a life of modesty that pleases God and still look cute and trendy.” Baptist Standard

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Graceful Modesty

Note: This article was originally published at SI on June 20, 2006.
Stainless SteelConcerns over our immodest culture are not swirling in the religious sector alone. Scrambling to bring a semblance of decency to the educational process, the Florida public schools in my own beloved Pinellas County declared a “classroom cover-up” war this past year, initiating a strict dress code that even prohibits sleeveless garments. One thing is certain: As the extreme indecent fashions of our day prompt the resurrection, enforcement, and establishment of dress codes in institutions across our country, the discovery will be made that rules carry little power to legislate modesty.

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