Dr. Bruce Ashford on The Authority of God and the Authorities He has Ordained

"Authority and submission are difficult concepts in a society that’s fully committed itself to individual autonomy. ... Dr. Bruce Ashford explains the unrivaled authority of God, and those authorities He has established throughout the created order." - Breakpoint

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Maybe angry Christians should try chanting 'Pray for Biden' instead of 'Let's go Brandon'?

"Are we supposed to stand up to lies? Of course. We have every right and responsibility to expose lies for what they are. … The question is, 'What are we going to say and how are we going to say it?' It doesn't help our cause when people see Christians acting like the people that we're trying to oppose." - GetReligion

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Trust Issues: Responding to our Cultural Authority Crisis

"Increasingly, however, skepticism has been replaced by cynicism and is expressed in an immediate distrust anytime anyone tells us anything to think or do. This is not healthy or sustainable, nor is it a biblical way of thinking about authority." - Breakpoint

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Can We “Honor” the  COVID-19 Rule-Makers?

Everyone is annoyed at times by a stupid rule or a bad decision by a leader. But lately, conservative Christian responses to government rules look and sound about the same as non-Christian attitudes on the political right: they’re dominated by anger, harsh judgments of motives, mockery, and defiance.

Sanctimonious defiance is still really just defiance. If you put lipstick on a pig, it’s still… etc., etc.

Christians are called to better attitudes—ones fueled by a different focus. Keeping some realities in mind may help chill the anger and judgmentalism and foster something closer to our duty to “honor all” and “honor the king” (1 Pet 2:17, KJV).

Reality 1: All rules are stupid at the margins.

Observing how life works can lead to wisdom (Prov 24:32, 8:1-3). Observe that mailing or transmitting your tax return at one second past 11:59:59 PM on tax day is late. Going 70.00001 mph in a 70 mph zone is, technically, a violation. One second before midnight on the eve of your 18th birthday, you’re a minor and you can’t join the Army. One second later, you’re an adult, and you can.

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What Is a Christian’s Duty to Unjust Government?

"This guy, angry that Grace Community Church yielded to the 9th Circuit Court's ruling banning church meetings in California [last] weekend, Tweets at me: "An unjust law need not be followed. I'm appalled at how many people who profess to believe Scripture echo that sentiment." - Phil Johnson

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Our Children Are Watching Our Stay-at-Home Response

"...if we rail against the government, communicate that we think these rules are stupid, thumb our nose at their spoken desire to protect us, and refuse to heed their orders or guidelines, then we are telling our children that we only listen to authorities whenever we agree. If we do this, we’re setting a horrible example." - Mike Leake

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