Wuhan, China pastor pens letter on how 'the church should face' coronavirus outbreak

"The government here has taken a very, very strict, very strict and very proactive response... to this coronavirus," Perez said. "It wouldn't surprise me if there are some problems in the future, especially, you know, food shortages or civil unrest." - Fox

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Sentencing of Pastor Wang Yi Demonstrates Historic Threat to Christians in China

"Major news outlets are reporting that a secretive court in China has sentenced detained Christian pastor Wang Yi to 9 years in prison for inciting subversion of the government. Yi is one of the country’s most famous Christian leaders who founded and leads a large, well-known house church in the country." - RNS

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Chinese authorities raided church, forcibly removed members, moments before demolition

"Authorities in China forcibly removed Christians and arrested several faith leaders gathered at a state-recognized church that suddenly was deemed 'illegal' by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), moments before it was demolished, according to a Chinese persecution watchdog." - Fox

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“They were laying down all the foundational teaching they could in order to prepare their people for whatever was coming. And come it did.”

"From that day on, the lesson has been branded on my heart: freedom of religion and conscience is a precious, foundational, and indispensable right, and we must never take it for granted." - Os Guinness

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