Review: ‘Religion and the Rise of Capitalism’ by Benjamin M. Friedman

"Smith’s big idea was that in the context of competitive markets, the pursuit of self-interest not only could but would lead to benefits for everybody else . . . . Friedman argues that Smith’s insight and the public reception were possible because of society’s move away from 'predestinarian orthodox Calvinism.'" - TGC

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Economics for Church Leaders: Why the Price System Is One of God’s Artworks

"As with most good gifts given by God to humans, we are able to corrupt it and use it in ways that harm our neighbors. Yet for the most part, the price system is an ingenious method of communication that has been used to improve the human condition." - TGC

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Why capitalism is worth conserving (and its new populist critics on the right are wrong)

"Whether the critiques come from politicians like Josh Hawley or pundits like Tucker Carlson, free-market conservatives are increasingly scolded for being overly committed to economic freedom. To no surprise, the Left continues its own critiques as it always has, spurring a strange, unspoken alliance among otherwise ideological foes." - Acton

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The fallacy of capitalism’s ‘race to the bottom’

"The Biden administration proposes a global minimum tax on corporations to end the 'global race to the bottom.' Leaving aside the wisdom of letting France tax U.S.-based corporations, this phrase recalls one of the regnant canards of our time: Capitalism inevitably lowers living standards and grinds people down into poverty." - Acton

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J.D. Vance Shows How the Populist Right Adopted the Logic of 'You Didn't Build That'

"It matters that Google is a private company because the rights it enjoys as a private entity are the same ones that protect all of us from aspiring authoritarians, regardless of from which side of the aisle they emanate. Eroding these rights for some weakens them for all." - Dispatch

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“How can half of Americans between 18 and 29 favor socialism over capitalism? Because they do not know the first thing about capitalism”

"Many young Americans sympathetic to socialism mistakenly believe that capitalism is a relatively modern concept, first seriously examined in Karl Marx’s Das Kapital, published in 1867. However... private property—an essential ingredient of capitalism—has been an integral part of Western civilization since ancient Athens, which had 'a highly developed system of private property.'" - Law & Liberty

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