Cal Thomas

Media: They hate us, but who cares?

"There is no excuse other than legitimate life-preserving self-defense for a man becoming physically violent towards a woman"

Cal Thomas: The sacking of Ray Rice

"Footage of a player dragging an unconscious woman from an elevator gets the player a two-day suspension, but footage of the act that put her in that condition gets him suspended indefinitely?"

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According to the best guess of bankers, Vatican wealth is between $10 and $15 billion

First redistribute Vatican wealth

If Pope Francis is serious about redistribution, he should lead by example and sell all Vatican property, including its valuable artwork, empty its bank and give the money to the Italian government, or to the United Nations.

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Cal Thomas: "A group of conservative evangelical leaders met in Texas last weekend and endorsed a Roman Catholic for president. ... signals a remarkable evolution (pardon the word), along with a considerable amount of political pragmatism."