Billy Graham

Billy Graham archives to move from Wheaton College to his North Carolina library

"The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association announced the decision about the transfer of the evangelist’s papers and the association’s archives on Thursday (March 28). 'This is part of our continuing consolidation in Billy Graham’s hometown,' said evangelist Franklin Graham, president and CEO of the BGEA." - RNS

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Thousands sign petition calling for national holiday for Rev. Billy Graham

Theology Thursday - Billy Graham on Ecumenical Evangelism

In the Summer of 1957, Billy Graham came to Madison Square Garden in New York City. In this excerpt from his autobiography,1 Graham discussed the opposition he received from fundamentalists prior to this Crusade, and his own reasoning for doing ecumenical evangelism:

Opposition also came from a few in the Roman Catholic and Jewish communities, although I had made it clear I was not going to New York to speak against other traditions or to proselytize people away from them. My goal instead was to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ as it was presented in the Bible and to call men and women to commit their lives to Him …

To my knowledge, the only vocal opposition from the Roman Catholic community came from a single article in a limited-circulation Catholic magazine. The author, an official with the National Catholic Welfare Conference (NCWC) in Washingtin D.C. wrote, “Catholics are not permitted to participate in Protestant religious services.” He went on to state that for faithful Catholics, “Billy is a danger to the faith.”

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