There Is a Secular Case for Life

"An atheist American can look at the shared humanity of the unborn child and believe it is just and wise to extend legal protections to recognize its immense worth and value. My friend and former National Review colleague Charles C.W. Cooke is an atheist, and he wrote powerfully last year to explain why he’s pro-life." - David French

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To My Atheist (Agnostic?) Facebook Friend

I moved on from our recent, very brief Facebook exchange, thinking it would never come to mind again. I thought, “He’s not even trying, why bother?”

But it keeps circling back. You made me think about how my beliefs might look from your point of view, and you asked a couple of questions that deserve answers.

I’ve decided this, though: I’m not going to try to answer your questions in the messy, more-heat-than-light environment of social media. Instead, a friendly open letter.

One disclaimer: I’m not good at finding things on Facebook once they’re no longer in my face. So I’m answering what I remember as the gist of your questions.

  1. Can you prove that there is a God?
  2. If there is a God, why should I think I owe Him obedience?

I want to offer a challenge before I dive in to my answers. You seem to be a pretty open minded person. You were open minded enough to consider, at some point, that there might not be a God.

Can you be open minded enough to consider how it could make sense to believe there is a God? Let me clarify. I’m not trying to change your mind here. What I mean is open minded enough to imagine my point of view and understand the basics of what I believe and why. Some atheists have gone to the trouble to do this with Christianity. (This article in The Atlantic may provide some examples.)

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The God Gap Helps Explain a 'Seismic Shift' in American Politics

"The disproportionate secularization of white Democrats represents a danger for the Democratic Party, for the country, and for American religion. The danger for the Democrats is clear. America may be more secular than it’s been in generations, but it is still a quite religious country." - David French

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