Assisted Suicide

This young woman survived an ISIS attack. Then she was euthanized in Belgium

"Earlier this year, the then-23-year-old chose to commit suicide through euthanasia....Though she did not sustain any physical injuries, the trauma of the Brussels terror attack event proved too emotionally difficult" - C.Post

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Belgium failed to properly review depressed woman's assisted suicide case, human rights court rules

"The procedure under section 8 of the Euthanasia Act did not prevent the doctor who performed the euthanasia from sitting on the Board and voting on whether his or her own acts were compatible with the substantive and procedural requirements of domestic law" - C.Post

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Judge blocks California law forcing doctors to participate in assisted suicide process

"The 19,000-member Christian Medical & Dental Associations and Dr. Leslee Cochrane sued California over a bill that they say removed conscience protections for medical professionals morally opposed to any form of participation with assisted suicide." - CPost

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Mohler denounces Canadian legislation to expand physician-assisted suicide to people with disabilities

"Canada legalized physician-assisted suicide... in 2016. The Parliament recently advanced a measure known as Bill C-7 to expand the parameters to include individuals who have a disability but are not facing a terminal illness." - C.Post

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The Netherlands Allows Doctors to Euthanize Patients Without Their Consent

"...doctors are allowed to execute—murder—their patients and 'it is no longer necessary for the doctor to agree with the patient when or how euthanasia will be administered' if the patient has dementia or a similar medical condition." - AiG

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Helping the vulnerable at risk for assisted suicide

"It is nothing short of diabolical that we would respond to such vulnerable people by making it easier for them to kill themselves. Pope Francis sees this as part of our 'throwaway culture' — a slouch toward discarding those whose inherent dignity is inconvenient to acknowledge and accommodate, much less embrace." - RNS

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